The Girl

I am Dixya, a twenty some year old avid food lover currently based in Dallas, Texas. Registered Dietitian by day and available for nutrition consultation to help you reach your nutrition goal. 

Kitchen experimenter, wanna-be baker, & dish washer by night.

...on most days, you will find me eating spinach, peanut butter, chocolate (not together though), organizing to-do lists, or watching something on Netflix.

I enjoy running around Dallas, training for a race or just for fun. I have done two half-marathons so far and my goal is to run a full-marathon someday.
I always wear my 'lucky' blue tank during a race
Why Food, Pleasure, & Health?

Food, Pleasure, & Health are three very appropriate words that fit into my philosophy!

Kitchen is my happy space..a place where I can unwind, be creative with ingredients I have available, learn new techniques, get inspired from fellow-bloggers to cook, bake, take pictures, and share with rest of the world.

I am not a vegetarian or all organic person but I do Meatless Monday & mostly use unprocessed, fresh ingredients, incorporate whole grains when possible, and go for low fat/sugar & strive to put a healthy twist on not-so-healthy recipes. I am still working on my love-hate relationship with baking.

Expect to see anything, everything except beef/pork (religious purpose), desserts are always included! The recipes are either mine or adapted from other bloggers with correct references but they have all been tried & enjoyed in my kitchen.

You can also find me on twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest.