My Frinspiration : Horchata & Peanut Butter Avocado Cookies

My Frinspiration {Friday Inspiration} is dedicated to all the bloggers : you, you, you, and you..

..because you are my inspiration to continue blogging exploring new ingredients/recipe ideas, to fun fitness tips, to building friendships, to learning important & unimportant life lessons and much more. 

…lately I have been feeling guilty of pinning recipes & bookmarking pages (read: hundreds) that I find exciting and intriguing. But in reality they are rarely revisited and often forgotten. But since last week or so I have been taking a mental note of few recipes I came across recently and actually got down to making it instead of saving it for later.  So here is to my Frinspiration from this week. 

Horchata: this rice-based sweet Mexican drink is laced with dates which is a healthier substitution to traditional sweetened condensed milk. Recipe inspired from here & here.

– soak dates in warm water for half an hour if they are dry and hard to pulse. Or, microwave them in little bit of water for couple minutes to soften it quicker.
– any rice works fine. I used Basmati rice.
– I spiked mine with couple tablespoon of Baileys but it tastes refreshingly delicious by itself. 

Peanut Butter Avocado Cookies comes from here. In the past, I have failed miserably with chocolate-avocado mousse but this cookie has changed my outlook on dessert & avocados completely. I know this is a keeper when the boyfriend ate two cookies with no question or any suspicious look. Did I mention his co-workers liked it too.. That pretty much says it all about this cookie (make it ASAP). 

-I substituted agave nectar for 100% pure maple syrup & added heaping tablespoon of chia seeds.
– The original recipe yields: 15-18 cookies but I only got about 8. My version was definitely bigger and slightly thicker however, the end result was not dense at all. I had to increase the baking time for few more minutes – keep an eye to make sure they do not burn or  come out under done.

-How often do you make recipes/DIY projects and such you come across on the blog?

-Whats your one Frinspiration?

Let’s share, support, & inspire each other.


  1. says

    I try to make one pinterest recipe every week so I feel less guilty about my pinning excess. 😛 I need to try that horchata!

  2. says

    What a unique combination…I would love to try these! And if your bf wasn’t suspicious I’m thinking my husband won’t be either. LOL

  3. says

    OMG.. this look amazing. This doesn’t even count as dessert, you used maple syrup, there is barely any fat, peanut butter doesnt’ count either. My south beach diet starts today, but I think this can slide. :-) If a man can’t tell you put avocados in the cookie, that means the recipe is awesome.

  4. says

    Yeah, I think about this all the time….how often I pin things to make, but then never make them! I use pinterest as a way to find recipes to recommend to clients, more than anything. Plus, you never know when I’ll want a “granola bar made from quinoa” or a “cookie with avocado!!!”. It comes in handy sometimes :) These sound great!

  5. says

    What a great idea to feature other’s recipes. I too am guilty of pinning so many recipes and just never seem to get around to them… actually I forget about them :( How horrible does that sound, Ha Ha!

    I hope your having a fabulous weekend darling

  6. says

    I am guilty as charged- pinning so many to-do recipes only to realise months ( read: years!) later that they remain just pins..:-(..I love how gorgeous your cookies have turned out, gave me renewed enthusiasm for avocadoes!

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