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I am very thankful for Thursday because it means I am almost there – weekend here I come :)  Normally, I post recipes or talk about food.. but today I wanted to just be thankful for few things this week. Just because…well, this week was all right besides some stress at work – let’s not go in there right now. I am very my thankful for my job, I   it but not the current situation and let’s leave that there! 

Oh My God – I can’t believe its almost February which means we are only two weeks away from Valentine’s Day. I am extremely thankful to have such an awesome Valentine in my life. Not really sure what the plan is yet but I want to do something simple yet special. Any ideas are appreciated :)

Last night, I made this healthier spinach linguine Alfredo from Honey Whats Cooking?  I substituted kale with spinach it was absolutely delicious and did not miss the real Alfredo..and its great for leftovers too which I am thankful esp. on busy weekdays. Did anyone else notice a lot of cauliflower crust pizza recipes floating around – maybe its time to get on that bandwagon. I just pinned this buffalo chicken cauliflower pizza recipe. Talking about pinning, I am kind of getting overwhelmed with so many social media.. Don’t get me wrong – I am spend way too much time stalking people on facebook, I tweet and retweet random things and I am just starting to familiarize myself with pinterest. I opened an Google+, instagram too but its too much for me.. and I hear the latest thing is Vine. Woaaah I don’t even want to know anything about it. I am really thankful for social media but at the same time – I am starting to get really annoyed. Is it just me getting overwhelmed ? or, how do you guys handle your social media?? 

This thankful Thursday – I am thankful that my brother is driving down to spend Super Bowl weekend with us. Not sure where we are watching the game, honestly, I  don’t even care about the game but its the food that I am more concerned about. I am thinking how perfect would it be to have these easy meatballs via gimmesomeoven on a game day right? Also, I am going to branch out from traditional hummus and do something different like edamame white bean hummus by Not A Leaf or make an eggplant dip similar to this one – its just too irresistible. I can already tell there will be a lot of pita chip consumption but oh well, I am getting my veggies in for the day :) and these vanilla cupcakes with salted caramel again as per brothers request. 

A lot to be thankful for – and so much to look forward to. 

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

Tell me your plans for Super Bowl? What are thankful for this week?


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    Awww.. Dixya.. thank you for the shout out, but more importantly, I’m soooooooooo glad you liked it. It would suck if you ended up with so much pasta and didn’t like it. Love your substitution on the spinach with kale. I still have to make kale.. never cooked with it, can you believe it? Wonder what it tastes like. Again, thanks again. And thanks to Bianca too. :-)
    And yes, lots to be thankful for.

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    I love Nisha’s recipes…great idea to make one for Valentine’s Day.

    Have no idea what Vine is but I really just can’t log on to one more site!

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