Whole Wheat Crepes with Cranberry Apple Compote

there are so many culinary terms floating around in my head. all the time..like some fancy ingredient, cool techniques, or the exact differences between icing & frosting, compote & chutney and so on. I like reading about it; small details, fun facts, their origins, etc etc. Its pretty interesting.
Compote, originated in France and is made of fruit pieces in sugar syrup. It is served warm or chilled while chutney is pungent relish of Indian origin made of fruit, spices and herbs. Originally, chutney was made and eaten fresh, but now preparations are reduced with sugar and vinegar to provide a suitable shelf life (source). 
I had a bag of fresh cranberries waiting to be used so I put it to a good use by making compote, with apples and cinnamon sticks!  
the rich, vibrant color of cranberries screams nothing but festivity..
This will be great on Christmas morning with this crepes, which are whole wheat. I used this pancake recipe minus chocolate chips but diluted down with more milk until it was little runny, like crepe batter consistency. 
Sweetness from apples and cinnamon sticks balances the slightly tartness from cranberries. The color is so rich, has a warm flavor and makes breakfast extra special!
Cranberry Apple Compote
1/2 apple, cubed
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
3 tablespoon sugar
3 cups water
cinnamon stick

Note: this recipe makes enough for 2-3 people. 

-In a sauce pan, boil water and sugar together then add cranberries, apples, and cinnamon stick
-Allow it to simmer until cranberries, apples softens and the liquid reduces to thick consistency


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    Homemade applesauce is my favorite thing right now, especially mixed in Greek yogurt. Good call on adding cranberries :)! Have a wonderful Christmas, Dixya!

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    This sounds like the perfect breakfast for today! i love cranberries in sauces. this compote with crepes works perfectly for the season. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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      thanks Richa. yea this will be a great, special breakfast which is fairly simple to make but healthy & delicious! Merry xmas to you too and your family :)

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