Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (whole wheat)

For the past few days, I have done nothing but pack & strategize on how to make this moving-to-a-new-apartment-business as smooth as possible. …and surprisingly, it has not been that bad. yet. Maybe because I am a  minimalist, or at least I’d like to think that I am, aka who throws away things just because…In retrospect,  I am so relieved its all done and I had some time to bake these finger licking, extremely soft (whole wheat) chocolate chip banana bread!

As I was cleaning my freezer, I found these frozen bananas in desperate need of good use and I could not think of a better way than this banana bread  from one of my favorite blog, myinnershakti and the way Parita, (myinnershakti’s writer) describe it – I knew this stuff should not be missed. 

Delicious, Healthy, & Super Easy!


Now stop drooling and click here for the recipe and start baking already!

I doubled the vanilla extract and added more chocolate chips on top.  But that’s just me. 


This is my last post from old apartment’s kitchen, a place where I truly started cooking & won (almost) my battle against baking. 
Looking forward to my new kitchen & many more culinary adventures to come..


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    Drooled when Parita posted her recipe and now I’m doing the same with your images! Love the combo of chocolate & banana and what better way to combine them than in bread form ;)! And as delicious as banana bread is, you just can’t beat the scent of it baking in the oven…heavenly!

    Congrats on the new place, Dixya!

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    i have an obsession with banana bread, it’s one of those things that can be breakfast, a snack or dessert and it gets better the next day as the flavors meld. would you believe my darling love does not like the combination of fruit + chocolate? so our banana bread, whichever recipe we use, never has chocolate in it, maybe peanut butter if i sneak it in…

    this looks great, just full of chocolate goodness.

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    We have never made a whole wheat banana bread but have definitely mentally bookmarked this! I think it’d be such a nice treat to bring to work amidst all the overly sweet sugar cookies around the holidays.

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    Had some bananas I needed to do something with. Decided on this recipe and I’m glad I did. It was quick and easy. I have also made Best Ever Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting and it’s really really good as well, just a bit more time consuming. I’m sure I’ll make this one again. Thanks!

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