Chicken Patties

I can’t believe Christmas went by so quickly and New Years is only a couple days away- WHAAAT.. I am still in denial and don’t want to stop eating more cookies in the name of holidays! But at the same time I am excited to welcome 2013, a new year, new beginnings. Hope it will be another year full of happiness, success and good health. Lots of wishes from me to you and your family

On any other day I probably would not have promoted this recipe – buttery, flaky chicken patties but c’mon its New Years – it deserves special attention; it comes just once a year – 365 days. 52 weeks. All I am trying to say warn you is – don’t get too hooked because this buttery, flaky pastry sheets stuffed with flavorful chicken pieces are pretty hard to stop after your first bite. Even though every bite is so worth the calories, I usually save it for the special moments like these, a New Years gift from me to you!


…I love how these chicken patties take me back to middle school; times where I securely held on to my mother’s hand and walked swiftly towards a small bakery after school that displayed colorful pastries, old-fashioned glazed doughnuts, different cookies, and patties. I occasionally craved for cream rolls but chicken patties & I were BFFs.

Still today, when I take a bite of this, I go back to a time where life’s biggest concerns were chicken patties, more play time, and less homework!  So simple, so naive… 

Its like eating soft, buttery sheets with a spicy chicken surprise waiting inside but feel free to add other fillings of your choice: potatoes, mix veggies, paneer or whatever tickles your fancy! 

All you need are puff pastry shells, filling of your choice, and ten minutes of patience! I eyeballed all the ingredients, so please adjust it to your liking all you want.

Chicken Patties
boneless chicken tenderloins (may use chicken breast too)
chicken tandoori masala
Miracle whip
hot sauce
salt & pepper
egg (for egg wash)
*note- i used puff pastry sheets but i highly recommend using shells.
– In a sauce pan, boil milk and add chicken with tandoori masala until chicken is boiled and completely cooked. Discard all the milk. May use water instead of milk if desired.
-Shred the chicken and place it in a bowl
-Mix in with more tandoori masala, hot sauce, miracle whip, salt and adjust the taste as needed
The main goal is to make sure the chicken is not too dry and adding Miracle whip/mayonnaise helped keep it moist.
-In a preheated oven @ 400F, place pastry shells/sheets for 10 minutes or so until it turns slightly yellow/brown and top pops up. Remember to brush it with egg wash.
-Place the fillings, brush it with egg wash and put it back in the oven for additional few minutes until its evenly golden
Serve it hot and this recipe stores well in the freezer. Simply reheat it in a toaster oven and enjoy :)
See you next year!
I am sending this recipe to Have the Cake where you can find more strudel recipes.



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    It’s all about striking a balance, right! Although I don’t eat puff pastry often, I sure do love the stuff! I want to try this, especially as chicken & puff pastry take me back to my childhood! My mom used to make this amazing baked dish with chicken & veggies topped with puff pastry!

    • says

      oh yea. i had a slight attack as I was indulging in these patties but oh well, its every once in a while right? thanks Kristen. Happy New Years to you too.

  2. says

    Isn’t it wonderful how some foods can bring you back to your childhood? I, for one, remember chicken patties as being more like briquettes and less like these flakey deliciousnesses. A proper treat! That pic of you hovering by the oven waiting for the patties is hilarious lol 😉

    Happy holidays, Dixya!

    • says

      Hey Jessie, as you can tell I have no patience and having a little glass window for the oven certainly doesn’t help. These patties were really good, extremely proper. Happy Holidays to you too :)

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    I miss my puff pastry days. I make pastry with gluten free flour but it does not get the same flaky texture. I wish you a wonderful 2013 full of happiness and delicious posts!

    • says

      Thanks Nicole. It is pretty heavenly and hard to stop eating. I am so impatient when it comes to baking and having that little glass window certainly does not help. Happy New Years- almost to you too 😛

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    This looks amazing! It’s my friend’s 40th birthday party next weekend – I think I am going to try to make these and bring them to the party. Question – what do you think of the idea of cooking tandoori chicken (baking it) and then pulling it apart and mixing it with the mayo, etc. Also, I am not crazy about miracle whip – it’s so sweet. Have you ever used just regular mayo?

    Thanks so much for the great idea!

    • says

      Hi Kiran,
      My initial goal was to make tandoori chicken for it and mix in with the mayo but due to time limit, i ended up simply boiling. its a fantastic idea. I had miracle whip on hand and thats why used it. Its to keep the chicken pieces moist and M sure regular mayo would work equally fine :) Let me know how it turns out.

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