.. all I wanted for Xmas

While growing up, Christmas was just some foreign holiday to me, a holiday about a big man with white beard in a red outfit who gave lots of gifts of children..I secretly wished we celebrated that instead.

Fast forward some decade and half, Christmas is not foreign anymore. Although I don’t celebrate it traditionally/religiously, I eagerly wait to spend Christmas morning with my family especially two little cousins in New York. Sadly, things are little different this year.

Christmas 2010, New York

I don’t have a month long winter break like a college student or an intern anymore. Welcome to the adult life I guess,  dealing with PTOs, vacation days and all that adult stuff.

Main st. @ Fort Worth Downtown,  2012 

Christmas is simply a very joyful time of the year; there’s color green, red, gold screaming festivity, and just a sight of poinsettia brings a smile on my face. My serotonin levels goes up just a little  every time I pass by a decorated, lit Christmas tree, ornaments, stockings & happy, hurrying shoppers everywhere.

..okay,  not a big fan of over crowded malls though! 

I have also come to understand that Christmas is not only about giving/receiving expensive presents to each other. But more about giving, sharing, helping others who are in need with whatever we can. 

My day started with a long skype with the familia,  then got this KitchenAid Mixer from Santa..

Super excited and still little awed, I baked white chocolate macadamia cookies in honor of my present

late xmas breakfast consisted of cookies & whole wheat waffles topped with black berries

and spent the whole day in pajamas, sipping lots of warm beverages, followed by white Christmas in Dallas. 

Although I was not able to spend my time with the family, I felt truly blessed to be around loved ones, good food and unexpected snow :) – I could not have asked for anything better.

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones too.


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    Santa was very nice this year! And I’m sorry you couldn’t spend time with your family. Being an adult is no fun sometimes! Hope it was relaxing and fun nonetheless. :)

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    Looks like Santa was spot on with his gift to you this year :)! Sounds like you had a great Christmas even if you couldn’t be with your family…and yay for a White Christmas :)!

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    Wow ! Kitchen aid from Santa … Your Santa is so generous :-) . Those whole wheat waffle for the breakfast sure look delicious and wholesome , my favorites too !

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