Classic Waffles

Every bite of Saturday morning was so-worth it..and you ask me why? 

…because I made waffles devoured myself with waffles, a kind that is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with syrup, lots of syrup, dusted with powdered sugar.  


…and I deserved it because the lady needed to do some carbs loading for the DRC half-marathon on Sunday, Nov 4th.

After completing DRC Half Marathon, Nov 4, 2012


also, I needed to do some justice to my very underutilized waffle maker.


I came across this recipe @ The Heavenly Hearth with very few ingredients, nothing fancy schmacy; loved the simplicity of this recipe.

It turned out pretty good..try this full proof recipe just perfect for weekends.

Few of my favorite waffle toppings include nutella, peanut butter, fresh fruits, & yogurt.


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    First of all, congrats on running the half! That’s my next running goal after having Liam. 😀 I’m still doing 5K’s 3 times a week, so I need to bump it up! 😀
    Secondly, those waffles look fantastic! We had waffles on Saturday too and I enjoyed every minute of them. 😀 Yum!

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    That’s great about the waffles – they look delicious and you certainly did need to carb load before the half-marathon. Congratulations! Always such an accomplishment!

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    Congratulations on running the DRC Half. I ran it too! In fact, I think I saw you at the race (I mean this in a totally non-stalkerish way). My carb load before the race was pasta the night before and a potato sandwich the morning of. Found your blog via Sig :)

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    Congrats on the half-mara! Am jealous of all you lovely running people out there…will need to wait a while before I can do that kind of distance!! Mmm waffles look so good!

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    i’ve never made waffles at home… but after running your marathon, you can eat a lot more than waffles. i can’t run… i just end up on the elliptical. give you so much credit.

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    Ohh great you completed the full run, I once stumbled in half time of a 5 miles run .. Phew ! I am better off eating rather than burning it all… you are quite in shape Lady ..

    Waffles look amazing .. now thats my thing for a run… to the kitchen 😉

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      thank you for your sweet words Nupur. I am sure if i can do it, you can do it too. Waffles are my fav of all times :) hope you will share some amazing diwali sweets recipe with us

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    I am so jealous of all you gals running, i cannot wait to get back in shape and get back my running groove. Congrats on your half marathon, thats an achievement.

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    Congrats on your half marathon, Dixya! Was it your first one? These waffles look like the ideal carb-loader! Favorite toppers for me definitely include Greek yogurt, maple syrup, fruit, peanut butter and Nutella. On that note, I think I will have to dust off my waffle maker tomorrow morning ;)!

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      thanks Khushboo.
      this was my 2nd one. My waffle maker is so underutilized right now and waffle was a great prerun fuel for me. both delicious and full of carbs. Love your waffle toppings. Let me know if you make some waffles too

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    Wohow on the half marathon! That is quite an achievement girl. I tasted waffles for the first time in a food truck in London. And also Dixya you have a very pretty smile. Keep it coming all the time.

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