What’s with my Cuppa? My Ten Favorite Recipes

Nupur from UK, Rasoi and Me always hosts creative and fun blog series.. Her most recent one is called- What’s with my Cuppa?  to share recipes that accompanies tea or coffee..

I have always been a huge coffee drinker but for the past few months, I have cut down on coffee completely because of my acne (sob, sob) but on a bright side, my skin has gotten better :) I loved my first morning cuppa by itself, but I occasionally crave some sweet, salty snacks with cardamon spiced, sugary chai or with my afternoon coffee..

In this post, I will share ten of my absolute favorite baked goods that I have personally tried at home and enjoyed with my coffee or tea..

 Perfect for the Fall, baked pumpkin spiced donuts with different glaze are great with both tea or coffee!!

If you have sweet tooth, double-chocolate muffins would disappoint you. You can also veganize this recipe. 
Or, want to try the traditional English Tea cake-Battenburg Cake?  
If that is too sweet for you, here is a whole wheat bread to dunk into your tea or coffee..

This is my favorite one though, Raisin Bran Bread with little sweetness

 or, what if I told you, you could get some veggies from bread..Try these zucchini bread

  If you don’t like zucchini, don’t worry- I have got some carrot muffins too! 
 Let’s talk savory now..these cumin biscottis are perfect for tea-talks  
 or, do you like spicy? these chocolate-chilli cookies are pleasantly good company with any hot beverage..
Last but not the least, actually I saved the best one for the last!
Sinful chocolate roulade is the ultimate friend with a strong espresso

For more yummy recipes that goes with tea/coffee, click here


  1. says

    Amazing Ya.. you have listed all the recipes in one go.. very creative and wise 😉

    Loved the pics and your special pic holding donuts 😀

  2. says

    When I got pregnant I was more afraid to give up the gallons of coffee I drank every day than the alcohol in the evenings! It was really more the ritual that I loved, which was replaceable. And that cumin biscotti sounds so interesting!

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