Spinach Cheese Pizza Bread

..after a long day at work I come home to find myself craving for pizza. whats a quick fix- frozen pizza? take out? nah. Instead I made some spinach cheese pizza bread..
All you need is crusty bread (French or ciabatta is my fav), even slightly stale ones works well here. you can either dress it up or down depending upon what ingredients you have available or how fancy do you want to get?
I chose to keep it simple with leftover pasta sauce , spinach, and mozzarella cheese! But I think my homemade pesto with fresh tomatoes, basil and some fresh mozzarella would have been more perfect – but that’s for when I want to be fancy, not today! 
The pizza bread turned out pretty good and in very little time. Its great as an  appetizer, kid-friendly, & very flexible. 
Spinach Cheese Pizza Bread
bread, sliced diagonally
baby spinach, chopped
part-skim, shredded mozzarella cheese
Italian seasoning mix
-Preheat the oven to 400F.
-Meanwhile, in a pan heat the bread until both sides are nicely toasted.
-Spread sauce evenly to cover the bread, layer with spinach and cheese. (I added cheese before the spinach, but I would do the opposite, spinach & cheese) 
– Let it sit in the oven for about 8-10 minutes or until cheese melts. 
other pizza bread ideas:
-even regular bread slices is okay but the only problem is it gets soggy really quick. If that is the only bread you have, go easy on sauce, do not add to many toppings and eat it fast.  
-marinara, Alfredo, pesto, bbq sauce are other sauce options
-precooked meat, sausages, grilled chicken can be added for non-vegetarian version
-adding other fresh herbs and spices will bring out more flavor & antioxidants
-feel free to add other veggies: chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, more spinach, olives, mushrooms, or even pineapples for Hawaiian twist.
-there are limitless possibilities with cheese, opt for low fat versions for less calories & fats. 


  1. says

    If this came from the kitchen of Dixya, it is surely lelei (good). I think I will try–but maybe with taro leaves in stead for I haven’t seen spinach over here, :-)

  2. says

    French bread pizzas are the best. Other base alternatives which I recommend are wholewheat wraps and pittas! Clearly regular pizza bases are over-rated ;)! Now I need to satisfy this pizza craving asap!

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