First Jack O’ Lantern

This is the first time I have celebrated Fall season full-on..

It started off with pumpkin donuts followed by butternut squash soup, carrot bread and now its Jack O’ Lantern time.

I really don’t know the significance of Jack o’ Lantern but from what I read here, every year around Halloween people carve scary faces into pumpkin, turnips, beets etc and keep it near the window/porch to frighten evil-wandering spirits. 

I did not realize that you need some serious skills & time to carve a pumpkin!

Do not cut straight through the top, always hold the knife to an angle
I was overjoyed to carve my first ever pumpkin
now the fun part- cleaning out the gut.. and do not throw away the seeds!Roast the seeds @ 400F for about 20 minutes turning once for some crunchy snack. 
…since I do not own any proper carving tool besides a pairing knife, we could not do anything fancy schmancy design on it..just went ahead with something simple!

Designer at work & It was quite a laborious process…

heres our jack o’ lantern

after giving some finishing touch & scrapping out the excess

May all the evil spirits stay far far away from all of us and bring us loads of joy & happiness!


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    Woo well done, Dixya…very cool! The idea of carving pumpkins are a lot more glamorous than the actuality- i.e. cleaning out the gut ;)! At least the end product was worth it!!

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    Love your pumpkin-can’t believe its your first time carving one. Great job! My kids and I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, so we’ll be carving ours soon. I think my daughter would love your PEACE pumpkin. Very cool!

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