Acne is taking over my life

…as self-obsessed, superficial or shallow it may sound, but there is nothing more frustrating than a red, inflamed pimples/zits, sometimes with gross pus all over your face – my worst enemy ACNE..probably not something you want to start your day with but I have been dealing with for about a year and its getting really frustrating!!! and I am not just talking about one or two occasional visitors here because I would gladly accept those occasional ones everyday.
I have tried everything and by that I mean everything from very shady looking herbal topical creams to high end products (such a waste of money). But nothing worked..well, may there are some things that worked aka antibiotics to certain extend but now I am basically stuck in this viscous cycle & antibiotics dependent. 
There are many websites and blogs that talks about the causes of acne and how to prevent etc and I do not know what to believe anymore because there are endless possibilities to why someone gets acne. Also, there are no plausible, solid scientific evidence to prove any of the alleged dietary causes such as chocolate, caffeine, sugar, milk, fried food, etc etc  but desperate as I am to have a clear skin one day –  I have given up two things that I absolutely love – coffee and chocolate. Have I seen any significant results? Honestly, No. Its purely psychological I think rather than actual result but at least it keeps me sane. 
I recently came across few articles but this one about milk & sugar and effect on acne got me thinking to give up refined sugar & milk for a week or two and see how my skin reacts. Additionally, one of my friend posted about the effect of Apple Cider Vinegar on acne that I am very tempted to give it a shot (although I hear that it makes the acne worst in the beginning phase or not work, or works  differently on everyone). 
Sorry, there are no recipes or pictures of delicious food instead I am here asking for options, advice, support because it is really starting to affect both my mood & confidence!
Feel free to share what you all think.


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    My skin is nowhere near good but it’s much better than it used to be, because I cut out milk/dairy, most sugar, and soy. I also started using Bio-Oil which has helped enormously!

    I hear mixed things about ACV but it never did anything for me.

    Anyway, I can relate. Despite being 36 I still struggle with my skin and I think it’ll be a struggle forever. You are not alone my friend!

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      Thanks Ameena. I am thinking about cutting down on refined sugar and dairy. Although sugar is going to be a huge challenge for me. I have accepted that my skin wont ever be clear but its so frustrating at times.

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    dairy, dairy, dairy. eliminate dairy and you will see changes, that’s the first thing I recommend to patients. Also switching to natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, agave, brown rice syrup etc. and loading up on the greens! lots of kale, spinach, collards..

    hope this helps!!!

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    Internal stuff does help I think. Carrot juice with a little ginger helped me. Carrot is good for skin health and ginger helps with inflammation. Give it a shot if you want. It ‘s just a stage so don’t stress :)

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    1st stop using whatever lotion you currently use, thats what I did.I used Aveeno moisturizers for almost 3 years and all of a sudden my skin decided that he doesn’t like the product anymore. So Icut off the the lotion and got a Cetaphil Cleanser,i.e soap free and started using rose water after i washed my face. Now the acne is gone, thats what worked for me. I hope it works for you too. G luck

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      Aveeno stopped working me too. Well I am in need of a different facewash will certainly give cetaphil a try. I am very sensitive to Rose water. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey, maybe its worth going to the doctors and getting your hormone levels checked out. A lot of women, especially asian suffer from something called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), basically there is an increase in androgen and therefore tesesterone levels, extra ovarian follicles. Hormonal imbalance leads to acne among other things like more hair(facial etc), abnormal menstrual cycle etc. Its easily treatable with oral contaceptive called Dianette if you just have a mild condition.PCOS rreduces fertility and in extreme condition causes infertility. Dianette also generally works if you don’t have PCOS but just have adult acne. Good Luck. Pratigya

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      well, during my last visit they did check everything and im not on antibiotics for a while. I will certainly discuss further about this with my doctor. thanks for your advice.

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    One of my friend recommended these:
    Eat lotts of papaya n cucumber. Drink 5-6 liters of water per day. Avoid oily n spicy food.
    Fresh fruits n vegetables. Sleep is very important to jeep ur skin glowing n pimple free. 7-8 hrs sleep
    Avoid stress.. Stress- more acne. Wash ur face 4 times a day. Twice with soap free face wash.

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    I concur with Ameena — you are not alone in this struggle my friend.

    Though I can’t seem to part with dairy, I’d suggest visiting a local health food store that sells plant or food based (homeopathy) acne products.

    Sometimes it’s just all hormonal. Drink a lot of water, avoid the sun and oily foods. Apple cider is great too.

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      thanks kiran. I have tried all the herbal methods too :( well, m going to stick to just drinking water, avoid grease and sugar and see what happens!

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    Hi Dixya:
    The Clarisonic cleaning system really helped me as did the philosophy line of products (particularly purity & the great mystery). Try it!

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    I’ve never tried home-made masks before, mainly because the ingredients are not so easily purchased and are very expensive even if they are available. >__< Glad to know that a simple recipe like this works as well as drugstore facial items! :) Honey and cinnamon sounds tasty though, haha! @Wayne

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