Our Love Affair with Mo:Mo- Healthier One!!

You know you are Nepali if…
you eat mo:mo any time of the day- without any hesitation- okay may be that is little over exaggerated..but you know every time we (meaning myself, most of my friends and families) see, hear, or talk about mo:mo there is an instant craving for it…as I am typing about mo:mo- I know that I already want some..Very thankful for Nepali restaurants that are open till late for impromptu mo:mo runs located less than a mile from my place..

Mo:Mo is ubiquitous in the streets of Kathmandu,  even though dal, bhat tarkari (rice, lentil, vegetables) is eaten on a daily basis- mo:mo has secured a distinguished place not only among Nepalis but people from other cultures are pretty impressed with juicy mo:mos paired with spicy tomato sauce..

Usually I make mo:mos with ground chicken, turkey or pork and rarely use vegetables.. recently a fellow blogger @ desigrub attempted to make vegetarian mo:mo using frozen spinach, some flour (chickpea or lentil), eggs for some texture along with chopped onions and tomatoes to the mo:mo filling. I was kind of inspired to use spinach in mo:mo because I am a spinach freak- in my head spinach goes perfectly with everything- mostly its a success story- other times not so much..

however, I was not able to go 100% veggie on mo:mo this time, I used very lean ground chicken along with chopped fresh spinach, mushroom, onions, garlic, shredded carrots, mixed in with mo:mo masala (can use garam masala) and some vegetable oil and salt. 


Check out my short  mo:mo wrapping tutorial 

in case of no steamer– its a little hassle but works fine. Fill up a heavy bottom sauce pan about half way with water and cover it with aluminum foil. Using a fork/tooth pick perforate them all over evenly allowing the steam to escape.   

2010 Peoria, IL mo:mo days without a steamer!!

after 10-15 minutes, check and if they look glossy and cooked- carefully remove from heat and enjoy to your hearts content with tomato sauce.. 

Surprisingly – me and my sous chef (another mo:mo lover) both loved the idea of adding different veggies to the filling instead of regular only meat filling…the inside was very juicy, pretty flavorful with only subtle hint of vegetables and what we both enjoyed the most was-mo:mo was very light compared to other mo:mos we have had before..

so to all the mo:mo lovers out there, I highly highly encourage you all to try adding different veggies to your meat and see how you all like it…feel free to share your experiences :) 


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    Hi Priyanka,
    the sauce recipe goes like this:
    Depending on how much and what consistency you like:
    in a pan, sautee chopped onions, crushed garlic, ginger for 3-4 minutes. Add in chopped tomatoes let it cook for 5-8 minutes. Stir in little cumin/coriander powder, salt, green chilli. Once tomatoes are cooked, remove from heat and let it cool for little bit and in a blender puree them together. Add in cilantro leaves. Add water if desired..

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