Sinful Chocolate Roulade

Over the weekend, I accomplished a daunting task of making a chocolate roulade! Its been on my bucket list for so long but I was always afraid because it looked intricate and handling delicate dessert like a roulade is certainly not my forte..but I did it anyway and it turned out fabulous minus some cracks which was easily covered by heaps of cocoa powder :)

I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe  for both cake and the filling. I added some vanilla bean to the filling to give subtle vanilla flavor. 

It’s a pretty simple recipe but it requires a lot of attention especially when you are beating egg whites and carefully folding them with the chocolate mixture. The key is to get that right and cake will come out light and fluffy.. the filling was heavenly with perfect balance of sweetness and mild vanilla flavor.. 

so, I learned my lesson- do not let the fear of failing get into the way of enjoying sinful, chocolate roulade!

Is there anything you are afraid of baking/cooking ? Feel free to share!  


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