Smooth(ie) Love

Most weekday morning is a blur, half-awake, and taming my hair is whole different story- sound familiar? yes, thats how my mornings are (usually) and I hardly get any time for sit and eat breakfast- therefore I rely on  granola bars and muffins  but lately its been a lot of smoothies – my favorite kitchen appliance right now has to be my blender that I got at Target two years ago :)

Usually, my smoothies consist of frozen fruits (berries & peaches), bananas, low fat vanilla yogurt, soy milk & spinach! yes, spinach- don’t roll your eyes now, trust me you cannot really taste the spinach.

yogurt, milk, frozen berry blend, spinach, & oatmeal

Very Berry Smoothie is my breakfast on most morning basically because I can throw in anything I want and if I am hungry- oatmeals works really well in here !  Mushy bananas won’t hurt either :)
If you are into avocado- the next one could be your ultimate smoothie- its just so creamy and light, you literally can sip this all day long.  Its little thick so maybe a spoon could help!

Avocado, yogurt, milk

And I saved the best one for the last-this is my latest addiction…

Each and every ingredient in this smoothie works together perfectly to create one magical drink!

Frozen banana, soymilk, peanut butter & cocoa powder

Smoothies are great way to start off your day – you get your dairy, proteins, fruits, even vegetables that are packed with vitamins & minerals but remember:

-using low-fat yogurt & low-fat milk saves extra calories from fats
-fresh or frozen fruits both works equally good with the smoothie- just make sure theres no added sugar in  frozen ones
-don’t be afraid to add a handful of spinach to your smoothie
-add ice cubes as desired for chilled glass of deliciousness  &  most importantly be creative

Happy Smoothing & Have a Great Weekend



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