Peach Popsicles today at the park- I stopped running and watched little kiddos jump with joy as the super pimped out  ice cream truck entered the park, blaring same good old ice cream truck song.  Then I noticed some parents who seemed more excited than the little ones for ice cream while few others were diverging away from the truck and repeating  “I said-no ice cream today” & then the rest I did not really pay attention was over all a chaos but beautiful chaos, very nostalgic..then it got me thinking- what type my parents were (quite possibly the “rest” type) or the type of parent I will become (if ever) because parenthood is the hardest job in the world and probably the most difficult thing is to make kids understand that “parents are always thinking in their best interest & not otherwise”- oh well, that still continues to be a challenge between this twenty-some year old child & her parents..who am i blame the little ones right?
Okay, challenges & parenthood aside for now..

I came home and made some peaches and cream popsicles. It was not creamy as I had originally intended it to be- yet very refreshing, little tart and great snack for the hot weather..

Peach Popsicles

1 cup yogurt, plain low-fat
1.5 cup fresh or frozen peach slices, no sugar added if using frozen
2-3 tablespoon sugar
1 cup crushed ice

-In a blender, put all the ingredients together until smooth and put them in a ice cream mold and freeze them completely.

Home-made popsicles are the best:
# I have control over the ingredients (there are no hard to pronounce ingredients)
# only 3 ingredients
# fun way of getting fruits & dairy
# both adult & kid friendly
 its super cool (no-pun intended) and you just want to grab one right now, don’t you?

…and is it weird that I am still wondering what kind of parent I will be?


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