Mavericks Lost & 70 Calories Ice-Cream

If you all are following NBA, you know what just happened last night. I am not a huge sports fan but I guess when you are always around sports fanatics, you have to kind of roll with them and that is why I watched all four games to see last years defending champion being swept out by OKC.. followed by lots and lots of sadness, bitterness, frustration and add all other synonyms that has to do with sadness..and you think PMS is bad…a photo would have been nice but I tried to be nice last night :)

Anywhooo, I have this other friend who is not so much into anti-Mavericks and thought ice cream (only 70 calories) would be appropriate to cheer the crowd (good try but it will take more than just ice-cream) but the ice cream was sent through e-mail.. And why would anyone in their right mind think viewing ice cream and drooling over them on screen will make someone happy, seriously! That actually made me more upset than Mavs losing the game..

would you be cheerful or upset to see this-only electronically?
** 2. Transfer only half the chopped berries to a bowl.
I am sure & certain this will be soon made in my kitchen but until then I thought we could do some drooling together..But it seems like I may have to make it sooner than I think because as of now, Mavs fan are still in shock & I do not want this sadness to linger around here any longer..and this ice cream is my one and only hope right now! 


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