Cupcakes, Done!

Mar 10, 2012

...After the epic failure of red velvet cupcakes,  I get stressed when it comes to baking, and this time was no different..I made cupcakes for 1 year old boy's birthday party, but the good thing is, it was a major success..These simple, fun cupcakes made my day because not only kids but everyone really enjoyed it..

 If you are a novice baker like me but want to impress the crowd, try this delicious 

I made 3 batches ~ 38-40 cupcakes the night before and stored it in airtight container. It was very moist the next day. Instead of lemon zest, I added orange zest and doubled the amount of vanilla extract because I wanted it to very vanilla-iy..and the frosting was store bought- cream cheese frosting..


  1. Wow you baked a lot of cupcakes and they are looking so nice with those party decorations :-)

  2. yea, I did bake a lot I was so glad I did it the day before and only frosted in the afternoon!