Coca Cola Chocolate Cake

Well, this month I was going to forbid desserts altogether (I had it all planned, made sure the chocolate stash was clear before the end of February). But the mission FAILED completely! First there were cupcakes, then some people decided I had to cut birthday cake twice (in spite of knowing my dessert rule-almost feels like a conspiracy), then I discovered a Weight Watchers, apparently “awesome” cake recipe..It’s like universe was telling me not to end this sweet relationship.

It’s a box of cake mix and a can of diet coke. The recommendation is to use dark colored soda for chocolate cake and light colored soda for vanilla or white-cake. Nutritionally thinking-which I do more than half the time, it’s a good way to cut down ~ 650ish calories from 3 eggs and 1/3 cup of oil. 

For crying out loud, I could not find a decent answer other than “soda moistens and helps with leavening” when replaced with eggs & oil. I guess I will take that for an answer, given my knowledge on baking!

So, is it a keeper recipe? Yes and No.

It was extremely delicate and did not hold very well–my  biggest problem! It was very moist and tasted pretty good. Few of my friends tried and they could not tell any difference except that they enjoyed “brownies” rather than a cake. If there is a way to make it little bit more dense, I would certainly make it again. If any of you got ideas, please share :)


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    I had heard about coco cola chicken, this is the first time coming across coco cola cake…looks yum…for density you could try semolina…just a random suggestion…cos I have read that semolina cakes are wonderfully dense…

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