Meatless Monday

I have finally decided to join the Meatless Monday bandwagon..Basically it means not eating meat on Monday! I was not aware that Meatless Monday is actually a huge non-profit campaign that started in 2003 to reduce the consumption of meat (of course) and are pretty active globally too-23 countries and growing..that is amazing :)
Last year, I was more of a flexitarian (semi-vegeterian)..but since I moved to Dallas I feel like I have been eating way too much meat! I know I cannot do without curries, mo:mo, chops you name it but I do miss out on vegetables..And certainly does not help if your house mate who happens to be my brother is not much of a veggie lover! I am also surrounded by friends and families who are always inviting me for dinner-no i am not complaining :) dinner is not complete without some meat dish, right? 
So why Monday? Well, the reasoning behind Meatless Monday totally made sense to me..Most of us begin our week on Monday right, so after laid back weekend and large buffets, it is a perfect day to start your week right by making some positive changes in your lifestyle!! Also, normally you do not get invited over for dinners on Monday..Works for me!
Is meat bad? Not at all!! 
Meat is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals but the main culprit is our portion sizes, the way we cook the meat, and the fact that do not get other vitamins, minerals, and fiber from vegetables! Another thing to keep in mind is-meat is a source of saturated or bad fats that may cause heart diseases, increases risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Naturally vegetables are lower in calorie, so at least reducing the meat consumption by a day may help you with weight management.
There is an increasing trend towards vegetarianism and the reasons are countless-personal preference, religion, health issues, animal rights, and so on..while some of us are meat-lovers and I am here trying to find a balance between the two…It does not matter what you choose to eat for yourself, as long as you are getting all your essential nutrients for the body..With this new regimen, I am looking forward to explore different vegetables that are out there and try out new recipes! 
Wish me luck and share any ideas/recipes! 


  1. Anonymous says

    Congratulations! I agree that eating healthy we can get rid off a lot of diseases.
    I am a cervix cancer survivor a foreign woman from South America, that I am looking for recipes without processed ingredients (sugar, flour, bread etc).
    I found your blog and is very helpful. Thanks a lot for that.
    My name is Patricia

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