Yes, I am back! When i initially started this blog, I was very excited and thought I was going to write on a regular basis…A lot of things changed over past 6 months or so…I moved to a new place,new lifestyle, blah blah..blah…well but most of all I lost the motivation to write.. I had excuses lined up even before I thought about a topic..But since past week or so, I have been wanting to blog about things,,by things I mean food! For thanksgiving, I made these Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, a recipe by Paula Dean. 

I normally do not like baking because I get very impatient, plus I have this tendency to constantly open the oven or simply turn the oven light on and stare at the batter…kind of lame!! Since I had followed the recipe and measured all the ingredients very precisely, I knew they were going to turn out pretty delicious..and I was pretty excited to get started with blogging…Ta-da…the cupcakes looked velvety and divine..After letting it cool down and frosting it.. we all were tempted to taste the cup cake that had been sitting for the past hour or so…Everyone including myself absolutely loved the frosting…we even saved the leftover frosting to use as a spread or something, obviously did not happen!  It was good to hear that everyone in the room enjoyed the cupcakes..I took a bite, past the amazing frosting and realized that the cupcakes were actually underdone!! Arghhhh..It was very nice of my family and friends to praise the cupcake in spite of the fact that it was not cooked all the way through…This tells you all what a good baker I am…Oh well..I have not lost that hope yet, I still have most of the ingredients left and one of these days, I am making the same red velvets and make sure that they will come out just perfect…Until then if any of you folks have a good recipe or ideas about red velvet cupcakes, please help this lady out there!!


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    Hey lady, glad you’re back, and yay to baking 😀
    About the cupcakes, if they really ate all of them without saying anything, I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you think :)
    Here’s some advice from an expert baker (not really :p). An easy way is to check with a toothpick whether the cupcakes are done or not. Stick it straight through the middle of a cupcake (or cake) and take it out. If the toothpick has batter sticking to it, it means it’s not ready (check back in a few minutes). I usually start to check about 5 mins or so before the total backing time is over. Also, I’m sure you already know this, but I substitute oil with apple sauce in baking recipes for healthier versions. Hope this helps :) xoxo

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