Challah with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar


Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of rain droplets hitting against my window. So, the planned run turned into a spend your morning in bed kind of day.  At first I was a little bummed about the snappy weather but as the morning progressed, I was giddy and felt spoiled to have a good chunk of Saturday morning all to myself in bed with this book. The afternoon slowly rolled around yet the weather remained gloomy and naturally I  wanted to bake a bread. If you have been reading my posts lately, you probably are aware of my recent bread issues – case in point this and this. This particular rainy morning I wanted to make a beautiful loaf  that would waft a cozy, sweet smell all over my apartment. I could not think of anything more beautiful than a braided challah with cinnamon and brown sugar (which by the way is a straight up inspiration from Sarah’s loaf).


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Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal (with pear, walnuts, & pomegranate molasses)

Steel cut oats has been trendy for a while but it finally got my attention only recently. By recently, I mean only two weeks and since I have been hooked because of it’s chewy, full-bodied texture. Generally, I am not the biggest fan of gluey, sticky oatmeal unless it’s in the form of bircher museli… 

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chicken choyela

Chicken Choyela

Chicken Choyela is a popular chicken dish from Nepal usually eaten as an appetizer.  One of my best friend (Hi Nisha) has been encouraging me to feature more Nepali recipes with a step by step video tutorial. I don’t know how I feel about video just yet because:  a) it’s just too nerve wracking b)… 

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Chocolate Tahini Bread

I present to you the loaf of my dreams – a quick bread that is heavily studded with chocolate and  tahini. Yes, the same tahini we use for hummus. The idea of using chocolate and tahini together has been steaming inside my head ever since I saw this tahini swirl brownies. You all know that I am… 

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Vichyssoise – Cold Potato & Leek Soup

I was at Chez Lulu (a very cute continental bakery) a few weeks ago where I experienced my first vichyssoise. Before this, I had no idea what  ‘vichyssoise’ was but yours truly asked the server instead of Siri for once. Our server politely explained that it was a cold potato and leek soup with a French accent which suddenly made… 

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Mark Bittman’s No Knead Bread

Now that I am training for a half marathon, I feel like I have the privilege to load up on carbohydrates every chance I get (in reality : you don’t really need to load up on carbs 6 weeks before your race). But I went ahead and did it anyways. In an ideal world, I picture myself… 

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how to deal with hunger

How to Deal with Hunger?

I go through phases with my appetite. Generally, it’s fine but every other month or so, it goes completely out of whack. I am not the one to suppress my hunger but it gets really frustrating when you feel hungry ALL THE TIME. I generally know when my body is truly hungry vs. I am fake hungry and… 

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